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Skyriano: The Wedding - Digital Printed Square Silk Scarf

Skyriano: The Wedding - Digital Printed Square Silk Scarf

€90.00 EUR


Skyros, in the North Aegean sea, is the largest of the Sporades islands and the only one famous of its own unique embroidery style.  Skyros embroideries (skyriana in Greek) are characterized by the use of naturalistic elements such as musicians, horsemen with raised swords, birds and ships, all drawn freehand  and embroidered with very colorful floss silk.

This contemporary design is a resemblance of a skyriano embroidery depicting a wedding ceremony. The couple is depicted in a new household surrounded by roosters; symbol of fertility, pomegranate seeds and leaves; symbol of wealth, flowers; symbol of youth. 

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  • 100% silk.
  • Hand roll finished edges.
  • Hand wash cold, line dry.
  • Designed by M.D.
  • Made in Greece.

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