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Made in Greece

How an idea comes in life and takes shape on a silk scarf MAGNADI,in a 100% made in Greece procedure.

A myth, a symbol, an image can be the theme of a design.

The designs are all hand drawn, developed into their digital form on the computer. 

After the design is completed, the digital file is sent to the factory in Soufli. 

There the processing of fabric takes place with the aid of various procedures. These procedures are applied to the silken fabric and consist of the following stages: ungluing, washing, printing, color fixing and finish.

Ungluing is the procedure of removing or diminishing of the natural glue; the silken fabric has to boil well enough in hot water, natural soap and soda so as to lose its glue. This procedure may be repeated two or even three times until the silk is entirely unglued and has obtained the appropriateflexibility. 

The digital printer operates as an inject printer, with the exception that it uses special colors for silk and instead of paper it is supplied with silken fabric, on top of which the chosen design is printed. Dyes themselves will need to settle into the silk fabric before attempting to fix it with heat-setting. 

Then the fabric has to be washed in clear water, left to dry and finalize with the hand finshed edges of the scarves. 

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