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Paris & Helen - Digital Printed Silk Square Scarf

Paris & Helen - Digital Printed Silk Square Scarf

€52.00 EUR


According to the myth, Paris set sail for the land of Sparta where Menelaus was king and lived with the most beautiful woman on earth, Queen Helen. At the dinner they placed in the Mycenaean palace to honor their guest Prince of Troy, Paris enchanted the beautiful Helen. He begged her to meet him on that same night in the orchard beneath the palace walls and sail away together to TROY. And so it happened and the epic tale of Homer's Illiad begins. 

A contemporary illutsration that tries to depict that particular moment of Paris & Helen in the orchard garden; 


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100% Silk, Made in Greece

  • Hand roll finished edges.
  • Hand wash cold, line dry.
  • Designed by M.D.
  • Made in Greece.

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