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ODYSSEUS and the SIRENS - Silk Square Scarf

ODYSSEUS and the SIRENS - Silk Square Scarf

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A contemporary illustration of the image in the famous "Siren Vase', showing Odysseus and the Sirens in one of his encounters during his journey back to Ithaca after TROY.

On the way to Ithaca Odysseus and his sailors passed by the island of the Sirens. The Sirens were a group of monsters with a woman's head and the rest of their bodies were giant vultures. When a sailor came by, he would be enchanted by their magic singing,  and he would throw himself off the ship and be fed to them. 

When the ship of Odysseus drew near to the Siren's island, he did as Circe had taught him; he put wax in his sailors' ears and get them to tie him to the mast. When they sailed by the island, Odysseus was enchanted by the beautiful voices and begged his men to let him free. But the sailors rowed harder till they reached a safe distance where the sweet song had faded away, and they could set Odysseus free. 

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100% SILK,  Made in Greece

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