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Laskarina BouBoulina - Digital Printed Silk Square Scarf

Laskarina BouBoulina - Digital Printed Silk Square Scarf

€52.00 EUR

Laskarina Bouboulina was a Greek naval commander, heroine of the Greek War of Independence in 1821, and allegedly first woman-admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy; at the time the only woman in history to hold the title!!
Her impeccable strength,  her extraordinary naval skills in a completely man dominated world and her love for her nation, made her the iconic female heroine for Greek history and not only, representing now the strength, independence and female empowerment. 

In a brief,  she was born in prison because her family was imprisoned by the Ottomans. She was raised next to the sea and when her husband died she took over his business, and created her own fleet of ships. When she joined the Filiki Etaireia, an secret organization that was preparing Greece for revolution against Ottoman rule, she bought arms and ammunition at her own expense and brought them secretly  in her ships to the island of Spetses, to fight for her nation Greece. 
For herself, she built the largest ship that was called Agamemnon which played a major role for the victory in the independence war of Greece in 1821. 
  • 100% silk 
  • Hand finished edges.
  • Hand wash cold, line dry.
  • Designed by M.D.
  • Made in Greece.

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