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Archaic Drawings - Digital Printed Square Silk Scarf

Archaic Drawings - Digital Printed Square Silk Scarf

€130.00 EUR


 A contemporary illustration of the naturalistic representations of human figure founded on a terracotta krater from the late Geometric period.

In the mid-8th century BC there begin to appear human figures on the representations of the vases (amphoras) show mainly processions of chariots or warriors or of the funerary scenes. The bodies are represented in a geometrical way except for the calves, which are rather protuberant. In the case of soldiers, a shield covers the central part of their body. The legs and the necks of the horses, the wheels of the chariots are represented one beside the other without perspective. 


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  • 100% silk 
  • Hand roll finished edges.
  • Hand wash cold, line dry.
  • Designed by M.D.
  • Made in Greece.

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