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1821 On the Go - Digital Printed Tote + 2 Postcards

1821 On the Go - Digital Printed Tote + 2 Postcards

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The word ‘Evzonas’ (εύζωνος < ευ + ζώνη), derives from the words ‘well’ and ‘belt’ and describes a person who is ‘well-tied’ or ‘well-equipped’.

Just like the Evzones, who were considered the elite battle units of the mountains back in 1800' up until 1949, the presidential guard at Syntagma in Athens, keep the Evzones tradition alive by honoring all those soldiers who fought for Greece’s freedom.

The Fermeli is the most intricate part of the Evzonas Tsolias uniform. Hand embroidered entirely from wool, the thousands of stitching holes are hidden on the reverse side of the waistcoat. The initials of the letters "X" and "O" hidden among the stitches refer to the words of "Xristianos" ( Χριστιανός ) and "Orthodox" (Ορθόδοξος).

Every Sunday at 11:00, tourists gather in front of the Parliament building in Syntagma Square to watch the ceremonial changing of the guard in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The guards (Evzones) wear their traditional suits, red and black caps and red clogs with pompoms only that day or on special occasions. On every other day, the Evzones wear regular khaki uniforms and the changing of the guard takes place every hour, 24 hours a day. The guards are tall and well-trained soldiers. They belong to the Presidential Guard and it is considered to be a high honor for every Greek soldier to be chosen as an Evzone. 




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