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MUSEUMS - Commission Works

Commission works for museums that include the British Museum in London and the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, as well work for private organizations.


"The TROY Exhibition" , British Museum

odyssey, magnadi scarves, margianna dragoumanou, made in greece       troy, magnadi scarves, paris and helen, greek design, silk scarves made in greece, margianna dragoumanou design

      "Odysseus and the Sirens"                              " Paris & Helen"

 "Rodin and the art of ancient Greece", British Museum

       "Caryatids"                "Classical Architecture"         "Greco Square"
"The GREEKS Agamemnon to Alexander the Great", Field Museum
Santo + Rini, Australia    look up here!  
magnadi scarves, santorini, margianna dragoumanou, silk scarves, greek designers
THE ELYSIANS, USA       look up here!
magnadi scarves, greek design, silk scarves, margianna dragoumanou
              " Villa Miami"
magnadi scarves, new york, silk scarves, greek design, margianna dragoumanou magnadi scarves, greek design, margianna dragoumanou, los angeles
     " New York, New Year's Eve"               "Los Angeles, City of Stars"

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